Life transitions offer us potent opportunities to become fuller, more authentic versions of ourselves.

Whether you are separating from a love relationship, in a career change, having a health challenge, facing the loss of a loved one, becoming a parent or an empty nester, or feeling the deep internal calling to alter your life, this moment is fertile ground for creative transformation.

Transitions can be inspiring, enlightening, challenging, frightening, confusing and overwhelming at times. 

You can become an active author of your destiny, now.

Becoming the steward of your life during times of transition is very difficult to do alone.

Susan has developed a menu of services below to support you in navigating the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be.

These services have been carefully designed to

– guide you in uncovering the obstacles that have held you captive to old stories about whom you are

– empower you to transform the pain and big emotions that often accompany losses and transitions into the energy to transform at the deepest level, providing you with powerful tools for change.

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Join me for a complimentary a 30-minute “discovery session” via the phone or Skype. We will talk about your current challenges, and whether my coaching can help you overcome them.

Contact me for more information or to schedule your complimentary consultation


Working at the soul level to center your life in vibrant health, beauty and power

Medicine people in indigenous societies believe that all problems—whether they are on the physical, emotional or mental level—have a spiritual solution.  The spiritual or soul level is where the blueprint for the expression of all other levels of the human experience exists.  Healers call this blueprint a “luminous energy field,” and it is here that the shamanic healer intervenes to shift core patterning.

Clearing the energy field and bringing the client into wholeness, into conscious, intimate contact with their highest Truth is the intention of all shamanic sessions. When right relationship between all parts of the self is established, clients can hear the clear voice of their soul’s truth and are able to navigate their lives in more empowered and authentic ways, thus creating lives that express and claim their highest destinies.

This type of healing works very well for clients who tend to spend a lot of time analyzing and trying to understand things by thinking about them. Creative play, breathing, movement and experiential techniques help to circumvent habitual thinking patterns and open the client to healing at deeper levels.

Shamanic healing sessions can be quite powerful and can initiate shifts that take time to integrate.  A minimum of 3 sessions is suggested in order to solidify and maintain the changes desired.  Sessions can be done in person, on Skype or by telephone.

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For those who desire intensive work, Susan offers one and two day personal VIP days in Los Angeles.

“I saw Susan as a last resort after I had been stuck in anger and grief for years.  In three sessions with her, I broke through to the other side of issues that I had spent years on in therapy.”
Cheryl Goodman
Interior Designer“Thank you for the healing work you’ve done…. Even though I’m not sure I understand what happened, I feel absolutely wonderful…. whatever you did…. it was amazing…. I feel reenergized in a beautiful and peaceful way (so unlike my normal fighter persona).”
Nancy H.
Financial Advisor



For those in the midst of divorce or separation and for those who are still suffering with emotional fall-out from a break up

Conscious uncouplingThe breakup of an intimate relationship can be one of the most shattering experiences in life and it can also be one of the most profound opportunities to transform.   When heartbreak is not properly navigated, the grief and trauma can stay with us for many, many years.

Inside the big feelings like despair and rage that often accompany the end of a relationship, is the big energy for transformation.  Learning how to use the energy of these emotions for positive change instead of destruction is at the foundation of the “Conscious Uncoupling” process.

Susan will guide you to harness the energy of change and set an intention to unleash your own potentials so that you never have to repeat negative patterns in relationship again.  Working together in this process you will identify the source fracture that holds the key to unlock your unhealthy patterns in love.  You will learn how to set up new structures and agreements to liberate you and those you care about from the negative habitual behaviors of the past.  Susan will help you to build an authentic sense of trust in yourself and in life, reclaiming your power to create a life of beauty and meaning.

This process offers an elegant way to move through the pain and lay strong foundations for building a new life and love greater than any you have known before.

Coaching is done via phone or Skype.

Private live intensives are offered in Los Angeles for those interested in more concentrated in-depth work and are tailored for individual needs.

“Susan, with her calm, reassuring encouragement and wisdom, helped me to make my way to where I knew, in my deepest heart, I wanted to be.

I knew by her words that she really saw me–and we did all of our work over the phone! Her sensibilities and lived experience helped me to begin to break free of staying hurt and stuck. With Susan’s help I found a path that made it possible to deal with my grief, disappointment, and repetitive patterns, making authentic change a reality. And I will be forever grateful.”
Los Angeles, CA.

“Susan guided me through the Conscious Uncoupling process with a skillful combination of stretching me to my potential, keeping me accountable and allowing me space to mourn and nurture myself. This was an incredible combination of acknowledging the pain of uncoupling, while seeing me as the very strong, yet tender human that I am.

This is deep, deep transformational change. Techniques and formulas that I have tried in the past only dealt with the behaviors and have not changed my basic outlook. This has changed my way of viewing and interacting from my core.”
Andrew B., Edmonton
AB Canada

*Based on the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas

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For women who sense their best lives are yet to come and are committed to leaping into their fullest flourishing. 

Feminine power– Do you have the sense that you have a unique and important contribution to make in your community and the world?

– Do you feel as if you have hit a glass ceiling in your life and you just can’t seem to break through it?

– Are you yearning for deeper intimacy and connection in all areas of your life?

– Would you like to find and express your authentic voice confidently and clearly?

– Are you experiencing blocks, set backs and delays in the realization of your dreams?

Never before in history have women had access to the education, freedom, opportunity and finances that we contemporary Western women have. Yet so many of us are not yet living the fully flourishing lives of authentic self-expression, intimate connection and impactful contribution we know we are capable of.  Millions of women around the world are feeling the need to reclaim the feminine and re-awaken our power, as women, to make our much needed contribution to our families, our communities and, indeed, the world.

Unlike masculine power, which is the power to create things that can be controlled, feminine power is the power to manifest that which is beyond our control, including those things that our heart most yearns for–intimacy, relatedness, creative expression, authentic community, vibrant aliveness and meaningful contribution.

Based on the pioneering work of Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, with thousands of women globally, Feminine Power coaching and group learning introduces the specific principles, processes and practices by which women can awaken this co-creative feminine power in their lives.

The feminine power work offers both access to an expansive vision of the possibilities life holds and the step-by-step practical tools that give us access to bridge the often-painful gap between what we sense our greatest potentials to be and how life occurs for us on a daily basis.

Susan is one of only a handful of women who are authorized to facilitate live groups.  Live groups are offered in Los Angeles.

Private coaching is done via phone or Skype.

Private live intensives are offered in Los Angeles for those interested in more concentrated in-depth work and are tailored for individual needs.

“Susan has an innate ability to ask exactly the right question at the right moment to move you to a new level of awareness.  Since doing coaching with Susan I have put into practice tools that I already knew about but was able to integrate in a whole new way.  I discovered an inner power and peace with my family that I had not experienced before.  I have the courage and confidence to be authentic in a healthy and powerful way. Susan is a gift and I truly appreciate her skills and her intuition and the gift she has given to me in my new experience of life!”
Ciarra Lodin
Executive, New York City

“Susan created such a safe space for me to express all of the shame, guilt and fear that I had been carrying around with me.  I felt that there was nothing I could say that would shock her or be too much for her to handle.  I’ve been through some heavy stuff, and Susan handled it with a combination of tenderness, compassion, encouragement and strength that enabled me to finally leave a lot of those old feelings behind.  I have a whole new chance and lots of new tools to create the life I’ve always wanted.”
Helen G
Artist, Maui, Hawaii

“I have never experienced someone who stood so fiercely and clearly by my side as I explored the parts of myself I have hidden from for many years.  I have been able to open up to the sweetness of self-love and self-acceptance in a whole new way. Thank you Susan.”
Terry W.
Psychotherapist, San Francisco, California 

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Space clearingLike people, homes, offices and land can hold negative energies from thoughts, words and deeds that have happened there.  We don’t often think that spaces can be in need of healing, but they can!

How do you know if your home or office is in need of healing?

– Do you feel tense, agitated, unhappy or uncomfortable in your space?

– Did you experience a traumatic event in your space?

– Do you have problems concentrating or thinking clearly in parts of your home or office?

– Do you have problems with sleep or recurring nightmares?

– Do things pile up in certain areas of your home or office?

These are some indications that your space would benefit from a clearing and a blessing.

Other reasons for scheduling a clearing/blessing include moving into or out of a space, construction or deconstruction of a structure, at a transitional time (birth, marriage, death, divorce, child leaving home), after an incident like a theft or an accident, or when a change in a usually harmonious environment occurs and doesn’t self-correct.

Different tools are employed depending on the conditions and location of the space and/or land.  The blessing is best done with the participation of the client, so that new intentions for the space can be set harmoniously between the people and the space.

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Personalized ceremonies

Susan offers
• traditional Despacho Ceremony which can be done remotely or in person *
• private rituals and ceremonies for individual needs
• facilitation of group healing ceremonies

Despacho Ceremonies

The Despacho Ceremony is the central ceremony in the Andean Shamanic Tradition.

A Despacho is a prayer bundle, built with the intention, sacred breath, and prayers of the participants. Elements from the earth, sky, water and fire are added in a sacred manner, along with leaves, flowers, and symbols of all of the resources needed to accomplish the desired result. Despacho Ceremonies can be done for individuals or for groups, to commemorate life passages, (weddings, births or deaths), cycles of nature or other important events in the life of the individual or group.

Despacho Ceremonies

The Ceremony is brings participants into energetic alignment with their intent and into harmony with the universal energies that support all life, including the earth (Pachamama) and the mountains—the source of inspiration (Apus). The Despacho is created on Andean weavings, which are made as birthing cloths and hold a balance in their design of masculine and feminine energies.

Susan offers three types of Despacho Ceremonies—

The Kuti Despacho is done to unwind negative patterns and offer protection from attacks from any energies that have ill intent towards the client. An Ayni Despacho must be done within two weeks after a Kuti Despacho to restore balance.

The Ayni Despacho- The word “Ayni” in the Quechua language means right relationship– a reciprocal, balanced harmonious flow of giving and receiving. The intention of this Despacho is to bring right relationship to the client in whichever aspects of life are being focused on.

The Aya Despacho is done to assist in bringing closure and peace in the case of the physical death of a loved one or in the death of a relationship or other significant ending. Unfinished business, forgiveness and honoring are symbolically represented in the Despacho.

Susan’s teacher’s teacher, Q’ero Elder Don Manuel Q’espi, had the following to say about the despacho ceremony:

“The despacho is a gift– a giving back of what we receive every day in our lives. We seek through the despacho ceremony to bridge the ordinary and non-ordinary realms; to establish new patterns of relationship and possibility. The despacho places us in right relationship, right ayni with the Pachamama (earth). When working in ceremony with the despacho, one is accessing the non-ordinary energetic dimensions, the source of things. Though the contents may have symbolic significance, the despacho, when performed with the correct intent, transcends the literal and symbolic domains and directly accesses the archetypal and energetic realms…. In order to build a good co-existence with nature, the only real choice we have is to enter with our heart, wisdom and our action. We call upon the spirits of the waters, of the mountains and of the Pachamama to come and help us prepare the offering. We have the intent of seeking to establish and maintain a continuous dialogue with the Mother and to bring balance and harmony to our lives and to all our relations. It is through the dynamics of love, of right thinking and of right action that our lives become bountiful.”

After all of the elements have been added to the Despacho, the bundle is folded up, tied together and wrapped in a special Peruvian weaving. The bundle may then be used to cleanse the participants, removing any heavy energy. That heavy energy becomes a part of the offering, as the earth uses all energy for growth and transformation. The Despacho is then offered to the fire in a traditional fire ceremony.

Susan offers private Despacho ceremonies and group Despachos. These ceremonies typically last 3-4 hours.

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Private rituals and ceremonies are created which draw on personal religious backgrounds, archetypal and mythological symbolism and/or dream symbols, depending on the needs of the client. These rites of passage ceremonies are appropriate when the client desires to mark a transition in a deep and meaningful way. Rite of Passage ceremonies can be done in person or on Skype. In person is often preferable. Homework before and after the ceremony is assigned in order to engage the client’s imagination and creativity, to prepare to receive the gifts of the ceremony and to integrate them afterwards.

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Group healing ceremonies are done for a friend or family member whose healing would be supported by his or her community coming together in a ritualized way to express love and support, to bring forgiveness and to amplify the energetic healing transmission. Healing ceremonies can be performed for people who are in need of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual healing. They can also be done for those in any kind of life transition, including the dying process.

Healing circle ceremonies are tailored for the specific needs of the client, and often include shamanic work, breath work, sounding, somatic work, prayer, guided meditation, and energetic rites of passage.

These ceremonies are best done in person. Susan is available on a limited basis for travel in urgent circumstances. Otherwise, ceremonies are offered in Los Angeles.


Ongoing Feminine Power and Conscious Uncoupling Classes are given in the Los Angeles Area- see above for details.


Using divinatory tools, partner work, archetypal psychology and storytelling, we identify the old story that participants are stuck in, what the future possibilities are and then create a new map to chart the most propitious future.

This is a full day workshop that finishes with a fire ceremony.

Classes and Worskshops Packages and Pricing
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Chakra Cleaning

The Chakras are energy centers in the luminous field of our bodies. The Sanskrit translation for Chakra is “Wheel,” and the charkas are known by many to be wheels of light. Chakras work like radio stations- they both receive and transmit energy. Each chakra stores information, events, history, beliefs and genetic propensities. Each chakra vibrates to a different frequency and different tones and sounds activate them.

In this class you will learn about which energies each chakra corresponds to, how to track and sense the charkas in your own body, how to clean old energy out of them and how to re-set and balance all of the charkas in your system so they work well together.

Sometimes long forgotten memories and feelings come to the surface in the process and this class is held in a safe, sacred container for all. A fire ceremony at the end provides a powerful ritual way to release what has been cleansed and call in new energies to feed and nurture your energetic system.

This is a four hour class.

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Occasionally, Susan will host full moon, new moon and solstice ceremonies. Please sign up with your email to receive notices of events.

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